DCU executive editor Dan DiDio has promised that the consequences of the forthcoming ‘War of the Supermen’ storyline will reach out beyond the main Superman titles. Announced earlier in the month, ‘War of the Supermen’ will continue to explore the consequences of the founding of New Krypton by the Kryptonian survivors of Kandor.

DiDio said,

“This storyline is still being fleshed out as it goes along, The good part about the ‘War of the Supermen’ is that it plays across the Superman line of books.

“We’re also going to see some of the ‘War of the Supermen’ played out a little bit in The Outsiders, with the changes that will be taking place with the team starting in the new year, and there will be other twists and turns along the way.

“This is not just the straightforward cut-and-dry story that most people think it is.”

The story debuts on Free Comic Book Day with War of the Supermen #0 and continues with a miniseries and confirmed tie-ins to Superman, Action Comics and Supergirl.

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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