Congrats to the Winners of the Kevin Smith Book Contest! would like to thank everyone who entered the ‘ Scavenger Hunt‘ to win a copy of Kevin Smith’s new book “Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith

If you didn’t win, don’t feel bad… you can still get all the info on Kevin’s book over at Titan Books or just go pick up a copy of Kevin’s new book over at Amazon, right HERE (it’s a budget friendly $10 bucks).

We here at would like to thank our good friends over at Titan Books and the Man himself, Mr. Kevin Smith for giving us the opportunity to give a few copies of his newly penned masterpiece to some real fans!

So, without further ado’, here is our list of fast searching, quick draw emailers that sent the correct answers to [email protected] in record time!

Winner #1 – Shawn Keller from South Carolina ( answered in 4 minutes)

Winner #2 – Nikki Kirkwood from Texas (answered in 7 minutes)

Winner #3 – Jim Anders from Ohio (answered in 15 minutes)

Congratulations to all three of you and thanks again to the fine folks at Titan Books for providing your prizes.

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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