Comic-Con Salutes Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman in 2013 Souvenir Book Cover

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Comic-Con 2013 will be, happily, my fifth, which also means I’ll be getting my fifth souvenir book. This year’s, however, is one that will be treated with special care, not getting crunched in my overcrowded Bag of Holding between the rechargers and the granola bars. Because this year’s cover is heartstoppingly gorgeous, and it honors the 25th anniversary of Neil Gaiman‘s The Sandman.

comic-con 2013 souvenir book cover

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Here’s what Comic-Con has to say about it:

The 2013 edition of the Comic-Con International Souvenir Book will be given out to all attendees (while supplies last) at this year’s event, July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center.

This year’s cover was created exclusively for Comic-Con by special guest Dave McKean, and celebrates the 25th anniversary of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series. The fan-favorite series started in late 1988 with its first story arc drawn by Sam Kieth, with numerous artists to follow in its 75-issue run. Besides Gaiman, one other constant throughout the series was cover artist Dave McKean, who created beautiful, ethereal images through painting, collage, and construction that set the tone for the story inside. Dave’s style of cover art was unseen in the world of comics up to that point.

In addition to a special section in the Souvenir Book on The Sandman’s 25th, this year’s publication also features coverage—including art and articles by fans and pros from around the world—devoted to the following anniversaries:

Superman 75th
Avengers 50th
Doctor Strange 50th
Doctor Who 50th
X-Men 50th
ElfQuest 35th
The Tick 25th
Eisner Awards 25th
Bongo Comics 20th
Milestone Comics 20th
Strangers in Paradise 20th
TwoMorrows Publishing 20th
Aspen Comics 20th
Plus special spotlight interviews with programming mainstay Michael Lovitz (celebrating his 20th year presenting the Comic Book Law School) and noted comic art and pop culture retailer Bud Plant (who has been exhibiting at Comic-Con for 44 years!).

This 224-page, full-color trade paperback, also presents bios and photos of all of this year’s special guests, and a look back at the past year in award winners and—sadly—appreciations for those we’ve lost.

Remember: This keepsake publication is yours for free if you attend Comic-Con 2013, while we still have them to give out. You’ll want to take this book home as an official souvenir of CCI!

Comic-Con 2013 takes place July 17 (preview night) through 22nd, and will be there!

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