Comic-Con ORPHAN BLACK Featurettes Highlight Clone Magic and Felix’s Best Lines

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I’ve made no secret of my deep and abiding love for BBC America‘s Orphan Black, which finished its first season back in June and will return for Season 2 in 2014. Two of the aspects that I hold most dear are the astounding effects when star Tatiana Maslany is playing more than one role at the same time onscreen, and the absolute delight of Jordan Gavaris‘s portrayal of main character Sarah’s foster brother Felix.

It’s therefore clear that BBC America had me in mind when they had these two featurettes created for the Orphan Black panel at Comic-Con. The first talks about what goes into those scenes that feature multiple Tatianas, and the second highlights the wonderful snark of Fe.

Featurette: Orphan Black – Comic-Con 2013: Clones on Clones

Featurette: Orphan Black – Comic-Con 2013: Felix’s Best Lines

Great, right? You can see what we said about the Blu-ray set for Season One here. Come on, Spring!

Orphan Black, starring Tatiana MaslanyJordan GavarisDylan BruceMaria Doyle KennedyMichael MandoKevin HanchardMatt Frewer, and Skyler Wexler, returns for Season 2 in 2014 on BBC America.

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