CAPRICA Premieres Tonight! Get Re-Caprica’d Before The Premiere

SyFy’s prequel series to the acclaimed Battlestar Galactica reboot returns with season 1.5 tonight! Caprica fans, the wait is soon to be over. These new episodes takes us deeper into the origins of Cylon race and how the lives of Graystone and the Adama families are woven together in this story born from mutual grief.

Executive producer David Eick talks about what the second half of season one will bring:

“Daniel Graystone’s creation—the early-model Cylon known as the U-87—emerges as a critical story point. Due to the bad PR Daniel has endured since his prized creation, the Holoband, [was blamed for] the emergence of terrorist cells on Caprica, Daniel shifts his company’s focus to the perfection of artificial intelligence and its proliferation throughout the culture as the ultimate `helper’: Never gets tired. Never asks for a raise. Never quits on the job.

Meanwhile, Joseph Adama and his brother Sam—using their organized-crime muscle to seize control of Daniel’s company—see an altogether different purpose for the U-87s: to sell to the highest bidder, no matter how violent their agenda might be.”

Since it has been a while since the last episode of Caprica, so check out the refresher featurettes and sneak peek below.

Caprica: Get Reacquainted

Caprica: Re-Caprica

Caprica: “Unvanquished” Sneak Peek #2  (#1 in SciFi Mafia TV Digest)

Caprica: Where We’re Headed

Watch the season 1.5 premiere of Caprica tonight, Tuesday at 10/9C.

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[Source] EW

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