Calling All Writers: Are You The Next Big Author?

Everyone who likes to tell a story has some dreams, be they big or small, to be a published author. In this day in age, it seems like a fairly simple task. With all the great self-publishing options out there, anyone with a little drive and imagination can finish and publish their magnum opus.

That does not mean, however, that people will buy your magnum opus.

Self publishing means you can get it out there, but getting readers to notice is another matter entirely. Nothing can compare to the resources of having a legitimate publishing house behind you when it comes to promoting your creative property. The houses behind such talent as Stephen King (The Stand), J.K. Rowling ( Harry Potter), Terry Pratchet (Discworld), and Stephenie Meyer(Twilight) are participating in a new initiative called The Next Big Author which is designed to encourage would-be authors to write and submit the opening chapters of a novel. The top submissions will have their work read and critiqued each month by the participating publishers. It’s a great way to get some honest feedback on your work. Who knows? You may even get an offer out of the deal.

They start accepting manuscripts this May, so that gives you several weeks to get your submission polished. Get registered over at The Next Big Author, where you can get the full details as well as access to some great resources for budding writers.


Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

Brandon is a Reporter, Critic, Tornado Alley Correspondent, Technomancer, and Book Department Editor for SciFi Mafia®. When he's not writing for SciFi Mafia®, he's busy being a dad, a novelist, and a man with more hobbies and interests than is healthy for any one person to have.