Attention, Browncoats! Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY ONLINE Game Announced at SDCC


If there’s anything that can get a geek fist raised in frustration, it’s the mention of the beloved television show Firefly that was ended too soon for devoted fans. Years later, the reuniting of the cast of the show with it’s creator Joss Whedon is at the top of most fan’s list for things they’d like to resurrect from the ashes.

It is more and more unlikely to happen as the years continue to role by but hope will never be lost. And while we wait for what could be forever, we can now busy ourselves immersed in the world we love through an online Firefly game.

Here’s a blurb from the creators:

On behalf of QMx Interactive and Spark Plug Games, we want to say thank you.

Together with you, our fellow Browncoats from around the world, we’re about to do the impossible. And that makes us mighty.

Firefly Online is going to be a game unlike any other and 99.9% of that will be due to fans like you who are already making it so incredibly special. As a registered Firefly Online player, you will receive exciting news updates and be entitled to future discounts and exclusive offers. You’ll be the first to know when our new website features are unveiled, such as the blog, where you’ll be able to track live progress of the game and ask questions of the developers, and the FFO store, which will be absolutely chock-full of shiny virtual loot (and real loot, too).

It’s going to be one mighty fine shindig, if we do say so ourselves.

Again, we humbly thank you for your support. Keep flying!

Andy Gore (QMx) and John O’Neill (SPG)

You can go and register at and ready yourself for the official release. Here are the few details we have about the game so far.

Firefly Online is a social role playing game (RPG) based on Firefly, Joss Whedon’s cult-hit television series. Firefly Online (FFO) is currently in development for iOS and Android, and may expand to include additional platforms.

In Firefly Online, players assume the role of a ship captain as they hire a crew and seek out adventures, all the while trading with and competing against the millions of other players to try to survive in the Verse: find a crew, find a job, keep flying.

FFO provides a variety of gameplay activities and systems so that players can fully experience life in the Verse.

Assume the role of a ship captain – create a crew and customize a ship
Aim to misbehave in space and planet-side adventures
Cross-platform player experience across devices (pick-up and play from anywhere)
Unique social features connecting Firefly fans
Create a shiny ship and explore the Verse

So go register, Browncoats, and we’ll see you online!

Jess Orso
Written by Jess Orso

Jess is the Managing Editor and Southern Correspondent for