The Quest Begins for the Author to Write a Book Series Set in The World of THE DARK CRYSTAL

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The Dark Crystal was a huge part of my childhood and on heavy VHS rotation. Now fans like me who love to write have an opportunity to get published in the form of a contest held by the Jim Henson Company and Penguin Books to write a series of Young Adult novels based on the world of the amazing movie.

The contest was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con and this panel is provided via The Nerdist.

The Dark Crystal Author Quest panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Lisa Henson (CEO, The Jim Henson Company) and Cheryl Henson (Labyrinth, The Muppet Show) are joined by Grosset and Dunlap’s Francesco Sedita (president and publisher) and Rob Valois (senior editor) to discuss the exciting contest to find the author of the first installment of the upcoming Young Adult book series set in the world of the classic Jim Henson fantasy film The Dark Crystal. Featuring information on how to participate in the Author Quest, and an overview of The Dark Crystal world.

Featurette: The Dark Crystal Author Quest

Here’s a link to The Dark Crystal Website that was created to guide you should you choose to accept this quest! Good luck, writers!

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