Comic-Con 2013 in Pictures Inside Preview Night Including Superman Exhibit and More

SDCC 2013 exhibit hall wide

Although downtown San Diego was gorgeous outside yesterday afternoon, inside the convention center, waiting the final hour before the Exhibit Hall opened for Comic-Con 2013 Preview Night was not unlike (fill in an extremely steamy, uncomfortable, claustrophobia-inducing situation of your choice, and make it a nasty one).

I know, wah wah poor me, I had to be at Comic-Con. You’re right of course. Once the hall opened, it was a fan free-for-all with mobs of people purchasing comics, toys, tees, and so much more, along with plenty of general gawking and of course, the inevitable lines, lines, everywhere. But there were some very cool displays, and it was nearly impossible to not get that Comic-Con sparkle in our eyes.

SDCC 2013 10 exhibit hall walking deadSDCC 2013 11 exhibit hall roddenberrySDCC 2013 exhibit hall summit lionsgateSDCC 2013 12 exhibit hall marvel and crowdSDCC 2013 13 Marvel graphics hangingSDCC 2013 14 exhibit hall superman uniforms 1SDCC 2013 15 exhibit hall superman uniforms 2SDCC 2013 16 Superman uniforms 3SDCC 2013 17 superman uniforms 4SDCC 2013 18 exhibit hall war machineSDCC 2013 19 exhibit hall boba fett and han in carboniteSDCC 2013 20 exhibit hall iron manSDCC 2013 21 Exhibit hall adventure timeSDCC 2013 23 exhibit hall crowds and signsSDCC 2013 22 exhibit hall Weta orc

There’s much more to come from Comic-Con 2013 so check back here for updates throughout the week and weekend!

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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