The Best Keeps Getting Better on Tonight’s ORPHAN BLACK, Prep With TV Spot and More


And this already-A-list show just keeps getting better. Seriously. As great as last week’s episode of Orphan Black was, tonight’s is even better. THANK GOODNESS there will be a second season, and yes, there is a multi-season series arc. Be sure to watch for my exclusive interview with the co-presidents of the production company next week.

One of the things Orphan Black really excels at is the amount of information it gives us in every episode. In so many linear shows, the information comes out in tiny drips. In Orphan Black it comes out in terrific reveals, every single week, and tonight is no exception. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Unfortunately, no clips are available this week, so I’ve added in the official synopsis to help you prep, but it’s a great TV spot, and it’s a GREAT episode, so don’t miss either:

ORPHAN BLACK Episode Seven, “Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner,” premieres Saturday, May 11, 9:00pm ET/PT.

With Paul missing, Sarah is forced to confront the conspiracy head on. But when Paul learns Sarah has kept essential information from him, the fragile trust between them threatens to shatter. Meanwhile, Cosima grows closer to Delphine and the dangerously fascinating Dr. Leekie.

TV Spot: Orphan Black – Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner

And yes, I do still find myself looking at the credits to see who played one of Tatiana Maslany‘s characters…

Orphan Black, starring Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Michael Mando, Kevin Hanchard, Matt Frewer, and Skyler Wexler, airs Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America.

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