Ron Moore Gives New HELIX Details and More in Featurette

Helix Ron Moore 5 questions wide

Earlier this week we posted the first TV spot for Ronald D. Moore‘s (Battlestar Galactica) upcoming Syfy series Helix. It looked cool, no pun intended (it’s set in the Arctic), but we really didn’t get much information. We have also posted this synopsis:

Helix — A team of scientists investigate a possible disease outbreak in an Arctic research facility and find themselves trying to protect the world from annihilation. Co-executive producer & writer: Cameron Porsandeh. Executive producers: Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Steven Maeda (Lost, CSI: Miami), Lynda Obst (Contact). Production company: Lynda Obst Pictures & Tall Ship Productions. Studio: Sony Pictures Television.

Now we have the man himself, Ron Moore, answering five questions posted to him on Facebook, and one of them, thank the gods, asked for information about Helix. He also talks about Battlestar Galactica, other franchises, soundtrack composer Bear McCreary, and career advice:

Featurette: Ron Moore Ask Five

We’ll keep you posted about Helix, and anything else of interest that Ron Moore might want to share.

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