Neil Gaiman’s Novel THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE to be Adapted for the Big Screen

Gaiman Ocean

I’m always thrilled to see another book make its way to the big screen. I think it adds a great layer of depth to the world created, rather than just retelling a story through moving pictures. The news is even sweeter when the book author is amazing. Neil Gaiman (Coraline), who is just that sort of author, is closing the deal with Focus Features and Playtone to produce his unpublished novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

Joe Wright (Anna Karenina, Atonement) has recently been attached to direct the movie according to Deadline.

Here is the synopsis for the book The Ocean at the End of the Lane which is slated to hit stores in June 2013.

THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE is a fable that reshapes modern fantasy: moving, terrifying and elegiac – as pure as a dream, as delicate as a butterfly’s wing, as dangerous as a knife in the dark, from storytelling genius Neil Gaiman.

It began for our narrator forty years ago when the family lodger stole their car and committed suicide in it, stirring up ancient powers best left undisturbed. Dark creatures from beyond the world are on the loose, and it will take everything our narrator has just to stay alive: there is primal horror here, and menace unleashed – within his family and from the forces that have gathered to destroy it.

His only defense is three women, on a farm at the end of the lane. The youngest of them claims that her duckpond is an ocean. The oldest can remember the Big Bang.

Wow. I’m not even sure what’s going on there, but it seems I may need to carve out some time in my schedule to read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman when it comes out in June.

We will keep you posted on the movie adaptation of The Ocean at the End of the Lane directed by Joe Wright.

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