Get a Head Start on Tonight’s Explosive REVOLUTION Return With the First Eight Minutes

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If you have heard about this J.J. Abrams show Revolution on NBC but have never given it a try, now’s the time because tonight is the midseason premiere, and it’s a good one. You’ll just need to know a couple of things. You may remember that this is the show that takes place 15 years after a permanent power outage has taken place all over the world. Not only is all artificial power gone, but all engines have been rendered inoperable. The regular governments fell, and areas have been taken over by despotic generals.

Why then, you may be wondering, does the first scene of the midseason premiere begin (as the first half ended) with a helicopter chasing down our starring group? That’s because at the end of the first half of the season, the bad guy, General Monroe (David Lyons), former best friend of our group leader Miles (Billy Burke), has been able to get some power back on, through the unwilling help of the character played by Elizabeth Mitchell (who – hooray – is given decent dialogue, as opposed to what she had to deal with in her previous gig, naming no names *cough* V *cough*).

That should give you enough; the rest will become clear as you go. Ready? Okay!

Clip: Revolution – Midseason Premiere “The Stand”: First 8 Minutes

Soooo we’ve already seen more action in the first 8 minutes than seemingly much of what we saw in the first half of the season. Excellent! I’ve seen the whole episode and it does not disappoint. If you felt like the first half of the season was just a tad too slow, you’ll be happy with tonight’s episode, it moves right along. But the best part of this midseason premiere is Elizabeth Mitchell‘s pure intensity on screen. It’s as good as her work in Lost, which is a big deal coming from me. She rules the episode, coming in and basically taking charge, and it’s just what the show needed.

I can’t wait to see what’s next, but before we get to what’s next, let’s get through tonight together.

Revolution, starring Billy BurkeTracy SpiridakosAnna Lise PhillipsZak OrthGraham RogersJD PardoGiancarlo EspositoDavid LyonsMaria HowellDaniella AlonsoTim Guinee, and Elizabeth Mitchell, returns Monday, March 25th (tonight!) at 10/9c on NBC.

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