Featurettes and Clips More Useful Than Andrea’s Zombie for THE WALKING DEAD Preparation

The Walking Dead 311 andrea walkers wide

So our Andrea has picked up a thing or two from the weeks and months she spent with Michonne. Nice. The extraordinarily gruesome Walker Pet Creation scene from last week’s episode of The Walking Dead is the one featured in the Making Of featurette and Talked About Scene clip this week; the amount of creativity involved is truly impressive.

We also have an Inside the Episode featurette with the cast and producers talking about everyone’s motivations last week, a highlights featurette from last week’s Talking Dead, and a really spoiler-free clip from Sunday’s next episode. Enjoy:

Featurette: The Walking Dead – Inside Episode 311 I Ain’t a Judas

Featurette: The Walking Dead – The Making of Episode 311 I Ain’t a Judas

“additional gore, blood, chunkage…” Priceless.

And here you go, the final version of the scene:

Clip: The Walking Dead – Talked About Scenes Episode 311 I Ain’t a Judas

Chris Hardwick discusses The Walking Dead episode “I Ain’t a Judas” with guests Scott Adsit, Retta, and Emily Kinney on last week’s episode of Talking Dead:

Featurette: Talking Dead – Episode 311 On-Air Highlights

This does not look like a fun road trip for Carl.

Clip: The Walking Dead – Sneak Peek Episode 312 Clear

Wow. It starts out depressing and just gets harder. And yet, we love this show. That takes a lot, a lot, of talent. Well done, all.

The Walking Dead, starring Andrew LincolnNorman ReedusMichael RookerLaurie HoldenSteven YeunLauren CohanMelissa McBrideChandler RiggsDanai GuriraScott WilsonEmily Kinney, and David Morrissey, airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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