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Apparently deciding my love is not enough, after only three episodes ABC has pulled the plug on Zero Hour. Starring Anthony Edwards, the show centered around the abduction of Edwards’s character’s wife, a World War II Nazi supernatural end-of-the-world conspiracy, and clocks.

Deadline posted the news about the show, and points out that the Thursday at 9/8c slot has often been a death slot for ABC, giving short lives to two (now three) shows that I liked – Last Resort and FlashForward – and several that I would have never watched anyway. I don’t know why not everyone enjoyed Zero Hour like I did, but I also don’t know why so many people enjoy Brie cheese.

Thanks to ABC for airing the three episodes, and to everyone involved in the production. I was entertained every time I saw the pilot, and really enjoyed the other two episodes; it was fun and twisty and mysterious with a supernatural kick, and pushed my Nazi-hating clock-loving buttons. Good luck to each on his or her next project.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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