This Will Be the Final Season for the UK’S BEING HUMAN

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It is always a bummer when one of our beloved television shows ends its run. It is a sad but inevitable truth that all good things must come to an end. The latest to fall under the ax is the British Being Human. The good news is that the announcement comes at a time when the show can be wrapped up in a way that will make a great series finale.

There isn’t much given by the BBC as to what the reason is behind the cancellation. In fact, their official press release is wall to wall compliments and praise. Here is Rob Pursey, the show’s executive producer.

I’d like to take the chance to thank Toby Whithouse (creator and writer) for his incredible writing and storytelling; the other screenwriters who’ve made the series their own; the three producers who’ve nurtured the show; and the many directors who’ve helped us establish the show’s unique tone. Being Human has also opened the door to new acting talent, including some incredibly exciting younger actors, which is a legacy we all feel proud of. We will miss Being Human, but feel inspired that there is a place for series like this on British television.

Toby Whithouse responded on his blog about how he wants to leave the show for the fans.

I know many of them will be disappointed that the show isn’t returning, but all good things come to an end.

We must remember too that the remit of BBC Three is to encourage and support new talent, to give them opportunities to make television, to test out new ideas and formats. In that sense Being Human is perhaps a victim of its own success. We can’t really call ourselves a new show anymore, and much as I’d like to think of myself as a young thrusting new talent and not a bitter old war horse, the reality is we have a duty to move aside and make space for the next Being Human.

But much like the cast change from seasons 3 to 4, we viewed the news as an opportunity. It meant I could actually write a climax for the show, instead of it just popping out to the shops at the end of season 5 and never coming back. You’ve no idea how rare that is in television, and what a great opportunity it is to write something suitably definitive and satisfactory.

Consequently we’ve created what I hope you’ll agree is an epic, thrilling and shocking finale that’ll keep the fans guessing and speculating for years to come.

Let’s hold on to the part where he says he will write something ‘definitive and satisfactory’ and not the part where he says fans will be ‘guessing and speculating for years to come.’  I’m sort of having a hard time seeing how those mean the same thing, so I’m choosing ‘definitive and satisfactory.’

Being Human Season 5, staring Damien Molony, Kate Bracken and Michael Socha has started airing in the UK, but it won’t air on BBC America until later this year.

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