Check Out the Newest Screenshots From STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS – and Maybe a Spoiler

Star Trek Into Darkness logo cape wide

No reason to panic, spoilerphobes; the potential spoiler we’re going to talk about comes after the pictures. Everyone can look at the pictures and not be spoiled. Which is actually somewhat ironic. Ordinarily, screenshots are, by their very nature, pretty spoilery. Because come on, they are actual shots from the movie.

But honestly, these are very cool screen shots from Star Trek Into Darkness but they really don’t give anything away, and certainly not anything that we didn’t already know from previously released screen shots. So everyone, relax, and enjoy:

Star Trek ID 100 Spock KirkStar Trek ID 102 Harrison redshirtsStar Trek ID 103 UhuraStar Trek ID 104 AbramsStar Trek ID 105 Kirk hanging

Great, right?! I SO cannot wait for this movie.

Now for the potential spoiler. Many people have speculated about this Harrison character, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. There are a number of people who think that he is a character from the original series because these new Star Trek movies have credibly rebooted the timeline, and would therefore allow for the reuse (and potentially, tweaking) of a character. In fact, it is no secret, because the studio has announced it, that the blonde woman we see in the trailer is Carol Markus, whom we know from the movie Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

Based on a number of “clues,” many people believe that Harrison, about whom the studio and pretty much everyone involved are remaining mum, is actually Khan, a character from the original series and Star Trek 2, and who was played by the late Ricardo Montalban. This idea has been dismissed by at least one member of the cast, but we have been deceived before, haven’t we, kids?

The reason that so many people today are whispering, tweeting, and shouting that the jig is up and the Khan rumor is confirmed, is this: Entertainment Weekly has a terrific cover story in the next issue, all about Star Trek Into Darkness. The lovely screenshots above are from, in support of that issue. The issue has two collectible covers. If you went to earlier today (this has since been changed) to order the collectible cover that features Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine, here’s what you’d see, via who added the highlighting:

Star Trek ID EW order page

HOWEVER, points out that “when EW sent TrekMovie the cover images yesterday the one in question was titled ‘Cumberbatch_Pine'” and that “it is possible that the ‘Khan’ identity was just an over-zealous person from the EW website.” TrekMovie has actually been identifying the Cumberbatch character as Khan, but again points out that there has been no official confirmation.

Now, memorize all of that and you’ll sound all informed when you correct your friends who are talking about Cumberbatch as Khan. Just make sure that you word it so that it’s clear that it’s still possible that the character actually is Khan. Got it?

Star Trek Into Darkness, starring Chris PineZachary QuintoBenedict CumberbatchKarl UrbanZoe SaldanaJohn ChoSimon PeggAnton YelchinBruce Greenwoodand Alice Eve,  is slated to hit theaters on May 17, 2013 (with an early IMAX sneak peek on May 15).

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