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We told you earlier this month that CBS has slated Steven Spielberg‘s production of Stephen King‘s Under the Dome 13-episode series for this summer, and wondered when the casting would commence. It has commenced indeed, and along with the casting comes information about the townspeople.

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Secret Circle fans will be happy to see heroine Britt Robertson in the series this summer. She’ll be playing Angie, a waitress and aspiring nurse who’s always dreamed of escaping the town. Heheh. She thought it was hard before a dome came and enclosed the place. Alexander Koch will play the role of Junior Rennie, a secretly disturbed young man who is a local politician’s son and is in love with Britt Robertson‘s Angie. Natalie Martinez, Detective Sanchez in Detroit 1-8-7, will once again be playing law enforcement, this time as Linda, a deputy “fiercely loyal” to the iron fisted local sheriff Duke Perkins, not yet cast.

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Colin Ford, who played young Sam Winchester in Supernatural, and also played the leader of the kids’ gang in Revolution, now gets to play a very smart teen in the town, Chester’s Mill (a wonderfully New England-y name), who is understandably pretty freaked out when the giant transparent dome that inexplicably encases his town does so while his parents are outside of its circumference.

Deadline reports that the newest to join the cast are Jolene Purdy (Glee, Danny Darko) who will play Dodee, an engineer at the local radio station and therefore potentially a good person to have in an enclosed town if you’re trying to contact the outside world, and Nicholas Strong (Nashville), who will play Phil, a DJ at that radio station and an “indie rock fanatic with a dark secret.” For some reason it wasn’t easy finding a picture of this actor, but how cool is this pic from his Twitter timeline?

Although it hasn’t been stated uncategorically, I’m presuming that the specific emphasis on the fact that this is a 13-episode serialized show means that it will conclude at the end of the 13 episodes. I am a huge fan of limited series like this, particularly in the summer. Serialized stories are my favorite, but the continuing aspects can get annoying. Knowing that we will get a complete story is like opening a present slowly and getting just what we want, instead of getting another box inside. Here’s hoping.

Under the Dome, starring Britt Robertson, Alexander Koch, Natalie Martinez, Colin Ford, Jolene Purdy, and Nicholas Strong, premieres on June 24 at 10/9c on CBS.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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