The Latest on the DEFIANCE Game, Including Gameplay Trailer, Featurettes, and Beta Testing

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We’ve been telling you about the Syfy/Trion Worlds TV series/MMO game crossover Defiance for at least a year and a half, and now the realization of both is finally drawing near. Today we have the latest info on the Trion Worlds game, including a new gameplay trailer and some nifty featurettes.

Trailer: Defiance Gameplay – Massive Co-op

Featurette: Developer Diary: Player Versus Player and the Shadow War

Defiance – Developer Diary: What is a Shooter MMO?

There’s also a related series VBI (Von Bach Industries) featurettes. VBI has its own website, and is apparently the “manufacturer” of all weaponry used in this game’s Earth.

Teaser Trailer: Defiance – VBI Introduction

Teaser Trailer: Defiance – VBI Recruitment

Teaser Trailer: Defiance – VBI EGO

Teaser Trailer: Defiance – VBI Weapons

The VBI website is cool, and gives some good background information about terms like “Ark Hunters,” but it’s primarily about that top secret EGO weapon, and contains this disclaimer: “Please consult a medical professional before considering the EGO implant. Von Bach Industries assume no responsibility for illness, mutation or fatality resulting from unsuitable host integrations.” Noted!

Both sites have registration for the same Beta Event 1 – “Be one of the first Ark Hunters to jump into the massive world of Defiance in the first closed beta event on the new frontier!” from Defiance, and “Ark Hunters – New to advanced bionetics? Sign up for VBI Advance Mission BETA for your chance to experience the new frontier wielding the weaponry of the future, today” from VBI.

Beta Event 1 is scheduled for January 18 at 8am Pacific until January 20 at 9pm Pacific. Good luck, Ark Hunters! Let us know how it goes!

No release date has yet been announced for the final version of Trion WorldsDefiance, though they are sticking with the “April” designation. The Defiance TV series¬†will premiere on April 15 at 9/8c on Syfy.

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