Steven Spielberg’s Production of Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME Picked Up to Series

You’d have to set the time machine of your choice back further than a year for the last news we had about the proposed TV series adaptation of Stephen King‘s Under the Dome, and that news was that writer Brian K. Vaughan (Lost) had signed on to the project.

Jump from that to the present, when the excellent news is that not only has the show been picked up by CBS, but it has skipped over the pilot process and been ordered straight to series. According to Deadline, CBS will be airing the 13-episode season in the summer of 2013. You may recall that the series was originally set for CBS¬†stablemate Showtime, but Amblin – yes, remember, Steven Spielberg is involved in this one – reportedly wasn’t feeling the love, so over it went to CBS.

The book upon which the series is set takes place in a small New England town that is suddenly cut off from the rest of the world when a giant dome covers it. Argh, don’t you hate when that happens? Deadline further reports that the general idea and many of the characters from the book are being kept in the series that that some new characters will be added and some backstories tweaked. In addition, the book reportedly had a controversial ending, one that the series will not be incorporating.

We’re expecting casting announcements next. We’ll keep you posted, as always.

Under the Dome will premiere summer 2013 on CBS.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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