Creepy Featurettes and More for the Last AMERICAN HORROR STORY ASYLUM of the Year


While we are sad that one of our very favorite shows, American Horror Story Asylum, is airing its final episode of the year tonight, we are elated that they will be right back to totally creeping us out on January 2, 2013. We love that can-do attitude! No kissing last season’s housekeeper for us!

To get us ready for whatever they’ll be throwing at us tonight, and to watch for a while in the days to come (FX tends to only keep links live for a limited amount of time, due to licensing rights), we have a featurette on the stunts, another on last week’s memorable face bite (wow do we love this show), a recap of last week’s episode, and a TV spot for tonight’s new episode, “Coat Hanger.” The mind reels, doesn’t it?

Featurette: American Horror Story Asylum – Inside the Asylum: Falling for the Asylum

Featurette: American Horror Story Asylum – Inside the Asylum: Face Bite

Featurette: American Horror Story Asylum – Inside the Asylum: Episode 8 Recap

TV Spot: American Horror Story Asylum – Coat Hanger

How about that guest star?! And “you’ve got to help me, doctor” is the icing on that cupcake. Can. Not. Wait.

American Horror Story: Asylum, starring Jessica LangeZachary QuintoEvan PetersSarah PaulsonLily RabeChloë SevignyJames CromwellJoseph FiennesAdam LevineLizzie BrocheréBritne OldfordMark ConsuelosClea DuVall, and Jenna Dewan, airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

Erin Willard
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