Firefly Marathon Today, Enhanced Episodes and Anniversary Special Tonight, Remix Featurette Right Now

Just a friendly reminder from SciFi Mafia: Science Channel‘s Firefly Sunday extravaganza begins (or began, if you slept in) at 7am Eastern with an all-day marathon of the series. Tonight, at 8pm Eastern, the final two episodes will be enhanced and presented as a Firefly: Special Edition. Here, Firefly executive story editor Jose Molina gives fans unique insight into the inner workings of the series by revealing Firefly facts and behind-the-scenes info. Finally, at 10PM ET/PT, the event Browncoats everywhere have been waiting for – Firefly: Browncoats Unite premieres on Science Channel.

To celebrate, Science Channel has posted this lovely video, for us to enjoy during the commercials.

Firefly Remix

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The all-day Firefly Event begins with a full series marathon at 7am/6c, followed by Firefly: Special Edition enhanced episodes at 8pm/7c and 9pm/8c, and the 10th anniversary special Firefly: Browncoats Unite at 10/9c, all on the Science Channel.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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