Plan Your Lives Around the Fall 2012 Prime Time Scripted TV Schedule [Updated]

With last week’s announcement of the premiere dates for Doctor Who, yesterday’s publication of the American Horror Story: Asylum‘s premiere date, and the announcement of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiere date at last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, we are ready to say that this is the final version of our fall TV schedule.

Yes, there are a couple of variants. It’s the “Prime Time” schedule but we included Star Wars: The Clone Wars even though it is switching to Saturday mornings this fall, just for consistency; and the air time for AHS:A hasn’t yet been announced but we would be astounded if it will air at any time other than 10/9c. [Update – 10/9c has been confirmed]

Here you go. Bookmark it, print it, plan your lives: the latest Updated Fall 2012 Prime Time Scripted TV Schedule by date and by day:

By Date

Monday, August 13 ~ 10/9c Grimm (NBC)

Saturday, September 1 ~ 9/8c Doctor Who (BBC America)

Monday, September 17 ~ 10/9c Revolution (NBC)

Friday, September 21 ~ 10/9c Haven (Syfy)

Wednesday, September 26 ~ 9:30/8:30 The Neighbors (ABC) (timeslot for premiere only)

Thursday, September 27 ~ 8/7 The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Thursday, September 27 ~ 9/8c Person of Interest (CBS)

Friday, September 28 ~ 9/8c Fringe (Fox)

Friday, September 28 ~ 9/8c Grimm (NBC) (regular time period premiere) [Updated; formerly Sept. 14]

Saturday, September 29 ~ 9:30am/8:30c Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network)

Sunday, September 30 ~ 8/7 Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Sunday, September 30 ~ 10/9 666 Park Avenue (ABC)

Wednesday, October 3 ~ 8:30/7:30 The Neighbors (ABC) (regular time period premiere)

Wednesday, October 3 ~ 9/8 Supernatural (The CW)

Wednesday, October 10 ~ 8/7 Arrow (The CW)

Thursday, October 11 ~ 8/7 The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Thursday, October 11 ~ 9/8 Beauty and the Beast (The CW)

Sunday, October 14 ~ 9/8 The Walking Dead (AMC)

Wednesday, October 17 ~ 10/9c American Horror Story: Asylum

Friday, October 19 ~ 9/10 Nikita (The CW)

Friday, October 26 ~ 8/7c Touch (Fox)


By Day of the Week


8/7c Once Upon a Time (ABC) September 30

9/8c The Walking Dead (AMC) October 14

10/9c 666 Park Avenue (ABC) September 30


10/9c Grimm (NBC) August 13 – September 10

10/9c Revolution (NBC) September 17


8/7c Arrow (The CW) October 10

8:30/7:30c The Neighbors (ABC) October 3

9/8c Supernatural (The CW) October 3

9:30/8:30 The Neighbors (ABC) September 26 (premiere only)

10/9c? American Horror Story: Asylum (FX) October 17


8/7c The Big Bang Theory (CBS) September 27

8/7c The Vampire Diaries (The CW) October 11

9/8c Person of Interest (CBS) September 27

9/8c Beauty and the Beast (The CW) October 11


8/9c Touch (Fox) October 26

9/8c Fringe (Fox) September 28

9/8c Grimm (NBC) September 14

9/8c Nikita (The CW) October 19

10/9c Haven (Syfy) September 21


9:30 am/8:30c Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network) September 29

9/8c Doctor Who (BBC America) September 1


There you go, Mafiosi! Happy TV to you!

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

Erin is the Editor In Chief and West Coast Correspondent for