Blakes 7 Reboot Finds a Landing Spot

Remember when we told you last month that a “reimagining” of British 1978-81 sci-fi cult classic Blakes 7 was being shopped around to various networks? Well it has found a home, and it’s a good one. Hmm, let’s see, which network can be assured of not having an issue with a “genre” show?

That’s right. According to Deadline, Syfy has given Blakes 7 a script-to-series commitment. This means that if Syfy likes the script, the project will go straight to series without having to go through the pilot stage. As we told you last month, Georgeville Television and producer Marc Rosen have teamed with director Martin Campbell (Casino Royal) and writer Joe Pokaski (Heroes, CSI) on the project.

IMDb summarizes the original series as “a group of convicts and outcasts fight a guerrilla war against the totalitarian Terran Federation from a highly advanced alien spaceship.”

Yes please. Here’s hoping!

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

Erin is the Editor In Chief and West Coast Correspondent for