Rumor Has It! DR. HORRIBLE Sequel Moves Forward

Whedonites, we’ve all been hoping and praying for a sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog to finally become a reality since the Emmy-winning tripartite film hit the net four years ago. Rumors have emerged since Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego earlier this month with the reunion of Joss Whedon and the Firefly cast.

According to MTV, word is that the sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog is in the process of “moving forward” and that the original will air on the CW. Last year, we heard from Whedon himself that songs were being written for the sequel. We’ll have to wait and see what the sequel will focus on, won’t we? Let me insert a high-pitched “squee!” here.

Lillian 'zenbitch' Standefer
Written by Lillian 'zenbitch' Standefer

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