Ringu Director to Helm Adaptation of IDW’s THE SUICIDE FOREST

The Grude trilogy producing team of Roy Lee and Taka Ichise have teamed up to take on a live action adaptation of IDW Publishing’s graphic novel, The Suicide Forest. The four-part graphic novel series by El Torres with art by Gabriel Hernandez is a supernatural thriller inspired by the Aokigahara forest outside of Tokyo, one of the world’s most popular places to commit suicide.

Deadline reports that Hideo Nakata, director of Ringu, the original Japanese horror film that spawned an American remake The Ring, will be directing The Suicide Forest. The search is on for a writer to adapt the graphic novel. For IDW, Ted Adams and John Middleton will execute produce the project.


The legend of the Aokigahara forest (which lies just outside of Tokyo) says that those who have committed suicide in the massive wilderness are cursed to have their souls trapped within its very roots. Unfortunately for Alan, his girlfriend, Masami, committed her suicide there and she’s now on a vengeful mission to ruin his life!

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