RoboCop Reboot Director Talks Big Budgets and Redesigns

Last month, we brought you an interview with Brazilian director José Padilha (Elite Squad, Elite Squad 2) who is set to helm Robocop‘s return to the big-screen. Amongst other things, Padilha spoke about how his version of the story will differ from the 1987 original which starred Peter Weller, and was directed by Paul Verhoeven.

During a recent interview with Crave, Padilha was asked what he plans to do with a studio budget:

“Spend it. [Laughs] Listen, I always try to make the best film I can. If I can have one year to shoot a film, I want one year to shoot a film. If it’s not possible, I’ll try to make as best as I can in the timeframe that I have. I don’t know exactly, because I’ve never done a movie with a huge budget, but I do know that the producers in this film, the studio are filmmakers. It’s the people from Spyglass, Jon Glickman, Roger [Birnbaum] and Adam [Rosenberg]. They make films. They are not only studio execs. They are producers too. So they know how to make a film and it’s very good for me because it’s pragmatic. Once you give me the budget, whatever the budget is, the most important thing to me is that the money spent goes towards the screen. That’s what counts. If I have a beautiful five star trailer, that doesn’t change anything on the screen. It’s better to have more film, more footage, more takes. It’s that that concerns me and the guys that are making Robocop are very wise this way so it’s cool.”

The director was also asked whether or not he wants to redesign Robocop and ED-209:

“That I can’t tell otherwise I’m going to give the movie away. We are already doing that, working on the designs so I do already know stuff. Listen, the design has to match the script. You don’t design something out of the blue. You design something that makes sense inside the dramatic universe that you are exploring. So that’s what we’re doing.”

RoboCop is slated to hit theaters in 2013.

Jason Moore
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