Anne Hathaway Is Literally Kicking Ass On THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Back in January, Warner Bros. Pictures officially announced that Anne Hathaway (Love and Other Drugs) had been cast as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in director Christopher Nolan‘s forthcoming, final entry in his Bat-Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

Now, The Sun reports that Hathaway has come out swinging on the set and has already been kicking some ass, allegedly giving a stuntman a black eye.

Their source says,

“Anne got a bit carried away during a fight scene and mistakenly shoved the butt of the gun right into the actor’s eye socket.

“He came away with a massive black eye – Anne was mortified.”

Their source added:

The star was so upset about the injury she bought the man a silver pen to apologize. Engraved on it was: “Remember no one packs a punch like Anne.”

“It was all in good humour but the poor guy took quite a pummelling.”

It’s good to know that our new Catwoman can throw a punch, but Selina would never send an apology gift… unless it was something she had stolen.

The Dark Knight Rises is slated to hit theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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