ApolloTruth.org: Innocent Space Industry Blog, or APOLLO 18 Movie Viral Site? You Be the Judge

Yesterday we brought you the news that Gonzalo López-Gallego (La piel azul) was to start shooting  Timur Bekmambetov‘s (The Darkest Hour) latest production, entitled Apollo 18, next week. We also showed you a very cool Top Secret document found on a sub-page of the movie’s website. Just an hour or so after that article went live on our site, we received an email from a gentleman by the name of Tyler Gordon.

Tyler sent us a link to his website, along with the following message:

I’m Tyler Gordon, and I’m an avid follower of SciFi Mafia. I wanted to let you know about my website, ApolloTruth.org – I write about all things related to the space program.

I write pretty regularly about the space industry and speculate about the mystery surrounding the Apollo missions, and why man hasn’t returned to the moon in nearly 40 years.

Make sure you check it out if you have a chance.

Thanks for your time,


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We did check out Tyler’s website at ApolloTruth.org, and we grew a bit suspicious because of the timing of his message (so soon after our article) and some of the conspiracy theory related articles on his site. So, we did a whois lookup on his domain, and all of the registrar information is masked by the domiansbyproxy service. So, either Tyler is very particular about his privacy, or the ApolloTruth.org website could be a viral site for the Apollo 18 film and they’re doing a good job of making their viral marketing believable.

Whatever the actual purpose of Tyler’s site, check it out at ApolloTruth.org. There is some very cool space program related news and theories on the site and it’s an entertaining read.

Apollo 18 is slated to hit theaters on March 4th, 2011.

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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