GODZILLA: Updates From Producer Brian Rogers On The Remake

Way back in March, we brought you the news that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. were developing a new film based on Toho Company‘s GODZILLA, a franchise the Japanese company created over fifty years ago, and are planning a 2012 release.

Now, according to Zennie62 who recently interviewed producer Brian Rogers at Universal Studios’ 3D Summit, they are still planning for a 2012 release, no director has been selected as of yet and the rumors about WETA working on the designs for Godzilla is false.

Rogers also said:

“In all the conversations we had with Legendary [Pictures], they made it clear that they want to pay homage to the traditional Godzilla character and they did not want to make the same decisions that Sony did which was to taking the character and making him into an iguana character, laying eggs,” he explained. “They wanted to go back to the history of the project and because it’s a reboot, bring it into the 21st century and do a project that was current and exciting to the audience. Similar to what Legendary did with ‘Batman.'”

Rogers continued:

“I think I can safely say that there will another monster or monsters that Godzilla will fight. I think traditionally those are kind of situations that the fanbase wants to see. In the original Sony version, in my opinion, not having another monster was a drawback and not an asset. And just having Godzilla fight the US army was not in the same spirit of the character.”

Check out their entire video interview with Rogers below.

Godzilla is tentatively slated to hit theaters in 2012.

Jason Moore
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