FRINGE Sees More Than Double With Shawn And Aaron Ashmore

In this upcoming season of Fox’s Fringe where we will be seeing more of the alternate universe side-by-side with our own, we’ll also be seeing more than just double with the casting of Shawn Ashmore (Mariachi Gringo, X-men) and Aaron Ashmore (Conception, Smallville). The twin actors will guest star on Fringe as alternate versions of the same character. I wonder what kind of shenanigans the two will pull on set!

[Above: Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen and Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake aka Iceman]

According to Shawn, the twins are “having fun with it”:

“We’re having fun with it, running around on set and fooling everybody. It’s been fun. It’s a huge experience and a good show.”

In keeping with this “double” theme, check out these side-by-side photos of Anna Torv as Olivia and Bolivia (the alternate Olivia), Joshua Jackson as Peter and… Peter since there is only one Peter, and John Noble as Walter and the Walternate.

Fringe premieres with its third season on Fox, Thursday, September 23, 2010.

[Source] Zap2It

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