Summer Glau Gets Her Geek On With THE CAPE

One of NBC’s new shows to premiere this fall (midseason to be exact) is “The Cape”, starring David Lyons (“ER”) and the ever graceful Summer Glau (“Terminator:TSSC”, “Serenity”). Glau isn’t playing the superhero of the story, but who exactly is her character?

Glau explains her role:

“I play Orwell. She’s a blogger, but seems to always have this information that no one else knows.”

According to Glau, Orwell is “kind of like a young girl who has a lot of frustration” that will reveal itself as the show goes on:

“We understand that she has some motivation for the life that she’s chosen, but it doesn’t come out in the pilot. She’s trying to help stop the crime going on in the city. So she comes across Vince and tells him that she can help him reunite with his family.”

[Above: David Lyons and Summer Glau]

Orwell not only supports Lyon’s character as a vigilante superhero, but creates this image and persona for him. Glau talks about Lyon’s portrayal of Vince Faraday who is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, is presumed dead, and tries to reunite his family by taking on the persona of his son’s favorite superhero, The Cape:

“He’s so believable as a hero. We have all these supporting cast that bring in humor and light moments and that’s a really important balance.”

This balance and heart of the show will set this show apart from other superhero shows. Glau recalls her first table read:

“I didn’t know until I went into the table read. I hadn’t had much of a chance to picture what the show would be like when I got cast. When it came to the table read, it came to life. Afterwards I was shaking, I was so excited and proud to be part of this cast, because I feel like it has a lot of heart. It comes from a real place and it’s about somebody that you could picture being a real man.”

For more on “The Cape”, check out SciFi Mafia’s coverage here and if you’re headed to Comic-Con, check out the panel for the show on July 23rd. Lyons, Glau, Dorian Missick (“Six Degrees”), James Frain (“True Blood”), Keith David (“Gamer”), Vinnie Jones (“X-Men: Last Stand”), Martin Klebba (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), composer Bear McCreary (“Battlestar Galactica”), creator/executive producer Thomas Wheeler (“Empire”), and showrunner/executive producer John Wirth (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) will be in attendance.

[Source] IGN

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