Comic-Con 2010: Will Clark Fly? SMALLVILLE Spoilers For Final Season

Smallville exec producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson have more spoilers for the tenth and final final season of the CW show. How is Darkseid a different sort of big bad? How is Lois and Clark changed by the revelation of Clark’s secret? Who is returning to the show (pssst! James Marsters, John Schneider, Laura Vandervoort, and how about Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk?) Which ep is Geoff Johns writing? Will there be a Cat fight? WILL SUPERMAN FLY? Check it out below.

Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson Talk the Final Season of SMALLVILLE

All screaming aside, take a look at this series retrospective and teaser for season ten.

Comic-Con 2010: Smallville Series Retrospective and Teaser for Final Season

(Don’t worry, the picture rights itself soon enough!)

Along with the spoilery goodness in the vids above, here are more highlights from Comic-Con:

  • Chloe fans will be happy to know that there will be more of Chloe (Allison Mack) and Oliver (Justin Hartley) this next season. She will also appear in comic books soon.
  • Geoff Johns is bringing Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.
  • Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) has a “strong connection to Granny Goodness”.
  • Finally, the iconic Superman suit! (And it’s even the same one used in Superman Returns.)

Here are some great clips from the panel:

Smallville Panel SDCC 2010 Clip 1

Smallville Panel SDCC 2010 Clip 2

Smallville Panel SDCC 2010 Clip 3

Smallville Panel SDCC 2010 Clip 4

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