HEROES Creator Tim Kring Talks Plans For Concluding The Canceled Series

Heroes” fans, root for show creator Tim Kring this month when he’s in his talks with NBC to decide how to wrap up the series. At the conclusion of the fourth season in February, we saw the indestructible Claire (Hayden Panettiere) reveal her ability to the world by throwing herself off the top of a Ferris wheel in front of the media. Kring would like the conclusion of the show to “skip ahead a year or so to see the effect of Claire’s revelation”.

Kring elaborates on where he’s going with this:

“There will be a huge cultural and social change in the world. Some [of our characters] will be hiding, some struggling, some basking in the glory.”

In this series wrap-up television movie for the superhero drama, Claire will become the “reluctant spokesperson for the abnormal.” Sylar (Zachary Quinto) is expected to continue his struggle with the dark side. Somehow, Adrian Pasdar “will likely return”, but not as Nathan Petrelli who will remain killed off the show.

If Kring gets the green light from NBC, he is pretty confident in being able to get the original cast to come back for the series conclusion:

“I’ve spoken with everyone. They’re all eager to participate.”

How do you think “Heroes” should end?

[Source] TVGuide

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