Leonard Nimoy Reveals FRINGE Season Finale Spoilers

The legendary Leonard Nimoy teases how Fox’s “Fringe” will conclude its second season in the two-part finale, entitled “Over There” that airs on May 13th and May 20th. Check out these excerpts from an interview Nimoy, who plays the enigmatic William Bell, gave to SciFiWire recently.

Nimoy on “a major confrontation” to featured in the season finale:

Nimoy: There will be a major confrontation. I’ll call it a confrontation between the two characters [Walter Bishop and William Bell]. We saw just a little snippet of it the last time I was here, where I was doing brain surgery on him. But now we will see, we will see them spend some time together in a dramatic setting, a dramatic situation where we will get some more information about their [relationship], an overview of their relationship. The past, what they were doing, what they were trying to do, how it has affected the universes, both universes. And, truthfully, they have feelings about each other now. They have stuff to work out with each other. In fact, there’s a moment I’ll tell you about where they start to get into it, and Olivia [Anna Torv] says, “Hey, work it out some other time.” (Laughs.) We have some other stuff to deal with, which is I think a terrific moment. We will see that. We’ll see it happen.

On Nimoy’s role as William Bell in the season finale and possibly returning in season three:

Nimoy: We will see other characters with William Bell in this work, but essentially the character stuff will be between William Bell and Walter [John Noble]. The other stuff will have to do with the plot and action.

Nimoy: I have no idea about any future plans [of returning as William Bell in season three]. I answer the phone, particularly when J.J. Abrams calls me. “OK, I have to answer the phone.” (Laughs.)

Is there a woman between William Bell and Walter Bishop? Could it be Nina (Blair Brown)?

Nimoy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s interesting. It is, it’s interesting.

On Alt-William Bell in upcoming episodes:

Nimoy: On the side that William Bell is on now, there was an alternate William Bell. And we’ll find out what his story is all about in this episode. Am I clear about that? (Laughs.) Or am I definitely trying to confuse you? What am I trying to do here? I’m not trying to confuse. I’m doing the best I can. Fringe is a very complicated show, which is one of the things that makes it so successful. It’s intriguing, constantly intriguing. There’s no question you can answer in any definitive way that doesn’t lead to another question. (Laughs.) So that’s where we are. We’re having a good time. …

What does Nimoy have in common with his character, William Bell?

Nimoy: I don’t think I’m an awful lot like William Bell. William is kind of what we refer to in our culture as a master of the universe. A guy who has accomplished extraordinary things. He’s kind of the Paul Allen of those guys. Scientific genius as well as an extraordinarily successful businessman. A rare combination. I don’t fit that mold. … I’m a character actor, and I’m trying to find my way through this process. As an actor learning how to play this guy, we’ve developed little bits and pieces of him so far, and there will be more developed now. I can’t say that I actually relate to him. But I do understand, when I play the dialogue, I understand where he’s coming from. That’s a matter of, just kind of an intellectual understanding of what he’s dealing with.

Nimoy on his portrayal of William Bell and how it has evolved through these episodes:

Nimoy: Good question. Again, my grasp of where William Bell is now is given to me by the dialogue on the pages in these two scripts. It’s the things that I say to people about myself as William Bell. It’s the things I tell them about myself. And always there seems to be this question about whether or not you believe what I’m telling people about myself. He says specifically to Olivia, “I know you have reason not to trust me.” I’ve said that to her before. “But you’re going to have to. So take your choice. Either way, away from me and go your own way, or listen to me and try to take something from what I’m saying that’s useful to you.” And I think that’s the fun of the character. We have to decide whether you want to trust him or not and see what evolves. These scripts give us a couple of twists and turns where we wonder if we’ve been had by William Bell, which is great.

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[Source] SciFiWire

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