HEROES Have Fallen – NBC Cancels Show, Plans Possible Midseason Finale Event

NBC’s once-mighty Heroes have fallen. The first season of Heroes averaged an enormous 14.5 million viewers and has steadily dropped in the ratings, each and every season. The last last airing of Heroes on February 8th only garnered a paltry 4.4 million viewers and it’s only averaged 6.5 million viewers this year.

Deadline is reporting that NBC sources are saying that the network is “working on a way to wrap up the show. That will be determined after the upfront.” Insiders tell them that NBC will soon commit to that 2-hour or 4-hour special event in midseason to reward Heroes fans.

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    November 08, 2010

    I believe the only problem for Heroes was that NBC messed up. They were sitting on a fantastic show and started off promoting the heck out of it and then just forgot to announce when the season’s would start and end. You never knew when it was coming back and they just stopped telling people about it…..heck, I didn’t even know it was cancelled until I started looking for a season start date last month…..NBC has messed up in my opinion many times…thank goodness other networks are willing to take some of their shows off their hands so that fans can keep enjoying them only to prove that they are worth keeping….this is one of the best season’s of Medium ever and I have watched the show from the beginning. Cult Shows have so much potential but, that is why shows like Heroes do well on the CW because they know how to promote their shows, to the point of nauseu but hey…it works….the budget may not be as much but, I believe the story line could be told just as well on the CW or CBS.


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    August 28, 2010

    I think the show just matured into alot of possibilities and a potential gold mine. To shut it down now isn’t a very good executive desicion. It had time off to build up a little hype. I think another season with the right slightly more realistic but still super powered style of writting would hook alot of viewers, but that’s just my opinion what do I know.


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