Bloody Hell! New TRUE BLOOD Clip Featuring Eric Northman, SPOILERS

HBO’s “True Blood” is just getting started teasing its fans for the next season of blood-sucking and shape-shifting drama. This is the newest clip released from the show that features Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) in a physical confrontation with a tattooed, muscular individual.

New Sneak Peek Clip from set of “True Blood”:

There’s a lot of speculation as to the identity of the Merlotte’s waitress with the gun in the above clip, but my guess is that it’s Sookie, played by Anna Paquin. Why? Blonde hair, the watch Sookie wears, and she’s wearing the engagement ring that Bill gave her!

Here’s a closer look at the waitress with the gun in the above clip:

This is Sookie’s ring from Bill:

And a reference pic of Sookie in her normal waitress outfit. Note the watch she wears:

This next clip has no words in it, but it seriously doesn’t need them. What a heck of a promo for the ladies, HBO!!!

New Teaser for Season three of “True Blood”:

Now for the SPOILERS… sources say that a female will die this season. Who might this be? How far will they deviate from the books this next season?

Plus, EW’s Michael Ausiello also teases that he’s 90% sure that Mariana Klaveno is reprising her role as Bill’s maker, Lorena. Klaveno will appear in about six episodes. How’s that for something to chew on.

“True Blood” returns with season three on HBO on June 13th!

[Source] E!, EW

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