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David Tennant Denies Being Cast As THE RIDDLER In BATMAN 3

David Tennant has denied internet speculation that he will play The Riddler in the next Batman movie. The Doctor Who star explained that he has had no contact with the filmmakers behind the Dark Knight follow-up, though he believes that he would be a good choice for the villainous role.

Tennant says,

“I probably should be [playing The Riddler], But you’d think my agent would have mentioned something if it was true.”

Tennant previously admitted to being a fan of the ’60s TV incarnation of Batman and admitted that it would be a “boyhood dream come true” to play The Riddler.

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  1. LadyDemona says:

    David is perfect for this roles.Is a great Actor.When i was little the riddler was my favorite vilain in batman and now they put my favorite actor god i want to see this movie!!!
    david je t’adore et t’admire beaucoup.

    • Jason Moore says:

      LadyD, there were a ton of Batfans pulling for the Riddler to be the villain and thought that Tennant would’ve been fantastic in the role but, it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe in the next reboot of the franchise :)

  2. the stig's (wanna be) wife says:


    I actually got excited to (think I was going to) watch a Batman movie for the first time since the first one with micheal keaton and jack nickolson. Now knowing that David hasn’t even been asked breaks my heart. That would’ve been a superbly brilliant movie.

  3. fenrir says:

    David Tennant’s role as the Doctor was the best of the lot (easily), and would be the perfect choice as the Riddler. he already has the slightly mental edge that jim carrey completely overplayed, and has shown an excellent talent in previous roles, so why not?

  4. jac says:

    please let david tennant play the riddler…………PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  5. DuJuan says:

    Please don’t put Riddler in the next ‘Batman’ movie. Have they learned nothing from the Jim Carey fiasco?


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