Warren Ellis’ GLOBAL FREQUENCY Adapted For TV

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Warren Ellis’ comic book, “Global Frequency” will be adapted into a television series by the CW.  “Pushing Daisies” writer, Scott Nimerfo, has been attached to the project to write as reported by Production Weekly.

Ellis commented on his website in reaction to news of the project hitting the Twitterverse:

“I haven’t been cleared to comment yet, so I can’t really add anything to this. I’ve spoken briefly to Scott Nimerfro — by which I mean I threatened to have him stabbed, and he thanked me and told me a funny story about how he’s had worse threats — and he is Okay.

Anyway. Yes. Shouldn’t say any more until I get the nod from the studio. But yes.

(Also, yes, I did tell John Rogers. But John, you know, has his own hit show LEVERAGE these days. One of his temple houris told me that John, from the depths of the bed made of golden vaginas that they wheel him around in, wishes me luck.)”

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This is the second time that this network has attempted to adapt this graphic novel by Wildstorm Productions into a TV series.  The first time was in 2005 when the network was still the WB only got as far as finishing  an unaired pilot that starred Michelle Forbes (MaryAnn on “True Blood” and Admiral Cain on “BSG Razor”) as Miranda Zero, the head of a covert organization of people with specialized skill sets from various fields (military, scientists, athletes, to assassins) that are coordinated to save the world from the consequences of top secret crises.  Members of the Global Frequency communicate via special video cell phones and usually can only identify another member from the stylized sun symbol they all wear.  This pilot was leaked onto the net and met with critical acclaim from fans, but the network didn’t continue on with it.  Cross your fingers and hope that the project will come see follow-through this time!

(Caps below are from original 2005 pilot.)

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