RIVERWORLD Trailer – Helo And Gaeta Die And Methos Is A Baddie!

riverworld bookA lot of familiar faces pop up in this cast of “Riverworld” miniseries to premiere on the SyFy channel next year.  “Riverworld” is a loose adaptation on the “Riverworld” book series by Philip Jose Farmer, starring Tahmoh Penikett (Dollhouse), Laura Vandervoort (Smallville), Mark Deklin (Life on Mars), Peter Wingfield (Highlander) and Alan Cumming (X-Men 2).

Riverworld” follows Matt (Penikett) and his fiancée Jessie (Vandervoort) after they are both killed and find themselves in a what appears to be where all of earth’s people go after death.  This strange land is mostly covered in rivers, hence the name.  The two are joined by Mark Twain and they and a band of other souls go to seek out answers.

This is the second time that SyFy has attempted to adapt this book series into a TV format.  Back in 2003, the network aired a feature-length pilot, but it didn’t get the ratings it needed to be greenlit for a series.

Check out this trailer from RHI Entertainment.  Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta from BSG) plays Daniel that you can see in this trailer with Penikett’s character:

This is a rather amusing little vid of the make-up process for Alan Cumming who is blue again:

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riverworld-tahmoh restrained

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[Source] SyFy, Screenrant

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