‘The Guild’ – Comic-Con ’09 Coverage

Catch up with the cast of “The Guild” at San Diego’s Comic-Con 2009 and see what’s in store for them in Season 3.

Highlights of this interview below:  What’s this, Felicia Day? A rival guild?  Who is the head of the rival guild? (You’d better click to find out!)

For you die hards, may I present the entire “The Guild” panel:

Highlights Part I:  We’re at Comic-Con with “The Guild”!

Note: The vid shown will be available soon for general consumption so watch out for it! (Xbox Live on August 10th and then the week after that, it will be public.)

Highlights Part II:  “The Guild” in costume!

Highlights Part III:  Holy, shit. It’s Wil Wheaton!  “The Guild” comic by Dark Horse, written by Felicia Day is in the works.

Highlights Part IV: Felicia Day’s boobs are way bigger.  Did someone say stripper pole?

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