‘LOST’ Panel At Comic-Con ’09 (Watch The Entire Panel Here)

No need to wait in lines or camp out at Comic-Con.  You can see the ‘Lost’ Panel from the comfort of your own home! As this is the show’s last Comic Con, I thought you guys would like this in its entirety.

Highlights of Part I: Touchey-feely fan art

Highlights of Part II: Winners of Lost Theme Song Contest (hear the winning song here), Special guests ask burning questions of the panel, Throwdown between Hurley & Ben

Highlights of Part III:  Richard in next season, “Who Wants Herpes?”, Make-up malfunction, Dharma food

Highlights of Part IV:  Another special guest (JOSH!) joins and hijacks the panel,what’s on the last pages of the ‘Lost’ script?

And a special treat ‘Lost’ Season 6 Promos: Hurley’s Mr. Cluck advert and also an Oceanic Airlines advert:

And a clip aired at the panel of Kate’s “America’s Most Wanted” segment:

[Source] E!Online

Lillian 'zenbitch' Standefer
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