‘Fringe’ Panel At Comic-Con ’09, Season 2 Promo And Poster

At last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con 2009, “Fringe” stars, Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, and Jasika Nicole along with show producers volleyed answers to fans’ eager questions about the show and of season two.

I have to say that the questions asked by the fans were really quite revealing and even.  This is a fun and lively panel to watch!

fringe-season2posterHot topics of discussion ranged from sex (sorry, folks, no relationship between Peter and Olivia- Walter says, ‘no’) , Walter’s sense of humor, Walter-wrangling, sexy vegetables, Olivia’s story arc, ‘a war is coming’, the Twin Towers in the finale, alternate realities, the Observer, Leonard Nimoy, attitude towards fringe sciences,

They did not screen any new footage, but the panel did shoot “Fringe” trivia questions back at the audience in which the prize for a correct answer was “Fringe” t-shirts.

A new poster was released for Season 2.  Can you find the “Fringe” symbols in the new poster? (shown right)

Just released, teaser promo for Season 2:

Below is the full “Fringe” panel:

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